Meet the Minions

Here Be Monsters, an artistic “other world” filled with oddities brought to you by Big & Little Minion.
Welcome to the odd world of Here Be Monsters!

Hi! I’m ████ (actually just call me “A” for now), Up until last year I was like you, well maybe not quite like you but I was similar, that was until I discovered “the other world”. It all started when I was enjoying some tea and biscuits at home (chocolate ones to be precise) when I saw what I thought was a star falling to the ground with an almighty crash in the woods. Heading to see what was there changed my life forever, I found no star but two strange beings, one big and one little. These beings fell out of what I now know to be dimensional rift. At first I thought these monsters would attack me but instead, they seemed more interested in the pack of chocolate biscuits I was still clutching in my hand, as a “thank you” they drew me a picture. They now stay with me where they are safe and make art for me in exchange for chocolate biscuits, they’re not so fond of tea!

Occasionally the Minions journey to the other world and document the monsters and gather a root I’m still not sure the use of! On this site you will find art drawn by the Minions Big and Little as well as various other stuff they’ve created! Welcome to Here Be Monsters!