What is Digital Signage? The digital advertising revolution

What is Digital Signage? The digital advertising revolution

The digital signage happens to be an advertising format which is based on the issuance of digital content across devices and screens, projectors ฟิล์มอัจฉริยะ, touch panels or totems. Usually, these devices use to be situated at the fact of sale or in public areas, and use to allow the company to generate, manage, allocate and publish its individual content, uniting the advantages of digital advertising and more conventional outdoor advertising.

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Based on the location, you might distinguish main two sorts of digital signage: indoor and outdoor.

Outdoor digital signage

Outdoor digital signage projects   are usually located in public places with a large influx of passage Chiefway Thailand: where digital advertising occupies the facade of a building. 

Indoor digital signage

The digital signage indoor has more travel than outdoor because the first digital signposts that were installed inside outlets. Here, closeness and “you to you” contact with the consumer prevails, through smaller screens with interactive options.

The investment required for a campaign of this type is less than with outdoor digital advertising, so it is within the reach of more modest companies. As per a few experts, this option use to be more probable to effect the purchase, as the consumer use to be at the point of sale and thus in a situation conducive to conversion.

The advantages of Digital Signage

Increase brand recall.  80% of the people who use to obtain an impression from an external digital screen recall the message, so it happens to be a most active format if what you wish is staying with you.

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It is novel and daring. Digital signage happens to be a remarkable format and it use to be still perceived as somewhat new, although it has been about for years.

Take benefit of synergies at the sale point. As dealers know, all purchasing choices are not rational and several of them use to be made at the eleventh hour. 

Catch attention.  Associated with conservative outdoor advertising, digital signage use to have the asset of entering from side to side the eyes, astonishing the user and making them stay with. So much so, that people spend up to 60% more time looking at a digital screen than a conventional support.

Recover the user experience during sale. What healthier way of enliven a queue than by interacting with interactive content? Digital signage able to create sole experiences and create the user subordinate positive memories with the make and the founding.

It is interactive. One of the important benefits of digital signage on conventional signage happens to be that it use to allow the user to establish a discourse with it. This not only increases engagement and memory, but can also provide us with very valuable information on how users relate to the brand.

It allows integration with social networks and mobile devices. Digital signage, geo-location and mobiles use to be made for each other. If you encourage users to interact with your digital posters through their mobile phones and publish the result on social networks, you will be taking advantage of a spectacular source of viralization.

What is Digital Signage? The digital advertising revolution